Budget Airline & Holiday Companies Battle To Prepare Summer Routes Away From Spain

Jet2 have canceled all holidays until at least March the 25th

The holiday company announced today that holidays and flights will be canceled until March the 25th where the position will be reviewed.

The announcement not only comes as a blow for travelers but for many countries such as Spain who rely on tourism.

After a disastrous 2020 – 2021 has not got off to a good start and the further announcement will only cause more suffering for many individuals and countries reliant on tourists.

“It’s just another blow of many that we are taking,” said bar owner Kevin Lee on Spain’s Costa del Sol.

“I can see it being further extended too and ruining the summer season, not just Jet2 but all the companies in general” he further added.

Kevin who runs a sports bar in the popular resort of Benalmadena although has become hardened to all news as he confessed:

“It’s just one announcement after another, they are all doom and gloom, there are so many on a daily basis you just get hardened to them, although I dread to think of the consequences for all us in business in Spain, there just seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel whilst business after business, closes down”



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