'Beat the Chasers' contestant 'robbed' of 50K leaving viewers angry

One unlucky contestant on the final episode of “Beat the Chasers” was robbed of winning £50,000 say viewers that were left angry.

‘Beat the Chasers’ contestant ‘robbed’ of 50K leaving viewers angry: Series two of the spin off from “The Chase” has seen quite a few people win large amounts of cash by beating the formidable quiz giants however others have not been so lucky in the choice of questions. Esnart, from Luton, was one of the less fortunate contestants after she faced the Chasers to try and win £50,000.

During the quick fire questions Bradley Walsh asked her which classic Disney animation centres on cats in Paris, she answered Aristocrats, however the mispronunciation of the correct answer, Aristocats, cost her valuable seconds and she went on to be beaten by the team. Viewers watching at home could not believe she wasn’t given the answer as correct and took to social media to air their fury. One viewer tweeted “Esnart was robbed blind on that Aristocats question.

If I was her I’d be straight down citizens advice,” while another said “#BeatTheChasers @ITV The first contestant was robbed – she got the correct answer, Aristocats. Being told she was wrong threw her off – pay her the £50k. #robbed” A third viewer said “@ITVChase unfair scoring Esnart incorrectly on the Aristocats question. Twitter is not happy!”

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