Judy Finnigan's daughter looks back at 'that moment' her Mum flashed at awards show

In Judy Finnigan’s illustrious television career her most remembered and famous moment came as she stepped up to receive a National Television Award and the front of her dress fell down exposing her bra.

Judy Finnigan’s daughter looks back at ‘that moment’ her Mum flashed at awards show: Her daughter, Chloe Madeley, has spoken out about the incident and, rather than being distraught, she said she saw the funny side which has enabled her to have confidence in herself in later life. Chloe was talking to a leading Sunday newspaper and recalling the incident, which occurred at the National Television Awards in 2000.

As her Mum and Dad, Richard Madeley, stepped forward to collect their award Judy was totally oblivious to the fact she was flashing the nation. John Leslie, who was hosting the show, dashed forward to cover Judy’s modesty however Chloe said that, watching it unfold as a 13-year-old did not traumatise her at all. Chloe said “My older brother was like, ‘No, no, no, no, no, no’, obviously having a complete meltdown.”

She said that, at the time of the incident, she was just relieved to see her Mum was fine and had laughed it off. She recalled that she had phoned them straight after the show and her Mum was so laid back about it all. Chloe said “She was like, ‘Oh, it’s fine. It’s funny. Thank God I was wearing a bra. Imagine if I hadn’t been’.”

She went on to say that her parents laid back attitude to life had shaped her early years and the fact she now has confidence in herself and her body saying “I’ve generally got no shame. I really like doing sexy shoots, I love just prancing around in my underwear, and I’ve learned from my parents not to take myself too seriously.”

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