Cardiff City set to SACK Manager Neil Harris

Cardiff City manager Neil Harris has rejected a compensation ‘quick settlement package’ from the Clubs board of directors

Neil Harris, the current manager of Cardiff City football club, finds himself in an unusual position.

The manager, after discussions on Saturday evening between directors, who were in a unanimous position where all club directors agreed he should be removed from his position, job hung by a thread as discussions and decision making had to be finalized by club owner Vincent Tan in Malaysia.

According to close sources, Vincent Tan was in agreement considering the club’s position in the Championship and early cup exist but wished to terminate the manager with a ‘quick settlement agreement’ to avoid further confrontation and legal issues further down the line, especially as the club have further cases pending including the conclusion of the Sala saga of ownership.

In normal circumstances, a manager is removed from the position first, with the legalities of paying up contracts coming second.

It’s reported though that Harris, has another 18 months to run and today (Monday) he refuted a second offer whilst insisting to the board he can still turn matters around.

Tan according to sources has ordered his board of directors to continue to take to potential managers from outside the club, whilst trying to settle the contractual situation with Neil Harris, according to the close source, who is connected to trying to assist Club Chairman Dalman:

” Vincent Tan knows Harris isn’t cutting the mustard but at the same time wants the termination clean with no following legalities – a good offer has been made to terminate with a ‘quick settlement’ but as yet has not been accepted.

“As no manager has been pinpointed to take over the management position at the club thus far, it gives more time to continue negotiations with Harris and his agent” he finished.

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