UK Football Chiefs Fear Another 'Attack' today from Protestors

Football chiefs in the UK are fearing today another attack from ‘take the knee’ protestors

Football chairman across the UK have been holding telecoms trying to ascertain if their clubs will come under attack from protestors, who caused carnage on Cambridge Utd yesterday.

Protestors took siege on the league two football club for a full forty-five minutes which resulted in systems failures at the club.

Now today Chairman across the country are in a quandary if their club will next and have been discussing ‘tactics to deploy’ in the event they become a casualty as the football fan fraternity gets their message across.

The protestors, thousands upon thousands of them, operate with precision – they select a club secretly and then announce last-minute their target, where the club is bombarded with thousands of emails and phone calls, crashing systems.

It’s a very clever operation, that has resulted in football fans getting their message across, as one fan said yesterday ‘ 10,000 fans 2 – Taking the Knee 0″

It’s reported over 10,000 football fans across the UK bombarded Cambridge Utd causing mayhem, but as momentum continues to grow, Chairmen today are vitally concerned it could be them next.

Urgent phone calls and a conference call between Chairman took place this morning to a club insider at Preston North End – with the Clubs Chairman, Peter Ridsdale part of the discussions, although it’s unknown if he is a supporter of the ‘taking of the knee’ or not, although the source claims Ridsdales concerns and states that the majority of Chairman are claiming they are only taking advice from the football authorities.

The campaign is clearly starting to work – Chairman are in fear of ‘attack’ and can see the numbers of organizations growing at a rapid pace.

Meanwhile, some clubs and players have started to listen to the campaigners with many clubs and players refusing to ‘take the knee’ yesterday.

Although today, sources say football will see its biggest attack so far, spurred on by the fact that football clubs and players are starting to take notice.

A Club Chairman, who didn’t wish to be named told Global247news: “ We are listening, we are a smaller club and it’s our prerogative to listen to our customers, they are the heartbeat of our club – the attacks by fans are well organized and we simply don’t know who’s next, whilst the message is loud and clear from them, they are not pleased”

He added, “At our club, we are going to sit down with our manager, playing squad, and backroom members to discuss the way forward in future games, personally, I feel we should listen to our fans and leave it to them to decide, I think I know what the result will be”



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