Oxford professor says the whole country could be vaccinated against COVID in 5 days

A leading immunologist has claimed that the NHS could vaccinate the whole country against the threat of COVID in just 5 days. If it weren’t for the fact that bureaucracy was hampering the operation.

Oxford professor says the whole country could be vaccinated against COVID in 5 days: Chair of medicine at Oxford University, Sir John Bell, stated that the stubbornness of bureaucrats within the NHS is standing in the way of preventing many more deaths. And there should be a high speed inoculation program already in place.

Sir John said “The NHS has the theoretical capacity to immunise everybody in five days if they want to. But I don’t get the sense they are really motivated. Did you see the list of things you have to do to volunteer to help the inoculation programme?. To impose it on people who are just sticking a needle in an arm is bonkers.”

He went on to say that the Government should be treating COVID like an enemy invading the country. And highlighting the successful inoculation program in Israel by saying. “People have rightly pointed to the Israelis, who have managed to immunise lots of people. You have to view it as if it were a war.

The Israelis are good at getting on a war footing – everyone is waiting for the 2am call anyway. Here it is not clear whether it’s a national security issue, but it is. The economic impact is as bad as any war. You might say 100,000 dead is not as bad as a war but it’s still not where you want to be.” He also said that NHS staff should not be held accountable for the blame in what is a very slow rollout of the vaccine.  Stating “I think the frontline medics certainly see it as an emergency. Those guys are working harder than anyone I’ve ever seen. They are eye wateringly good, but you don’t get the same sense from the hierarchy in the NHS, the bureaucrats.”

GP committee chair of the British Medical Association, Dr Richard Vautrey, backed up Bell by saying Doctors and their colleagues across the NHS want to get these vaccines into the arms of as many people as possible as quickly as they can. However, this crucially relies on supplies. Which are nowhere near the levels they need to be yet.

Meanwhile, the NHS has for too long been plagued by bureaucracy, and we need a drastic slashing of red tape to ensure that everyone who can safely administer vaccines, and is willing to help with the effort, is allowed to do so. The vaccination programme is the most powerful weapon we have in our armory in the war against the pandemic, and NHS staff stand ready to deploy it.

Give us the vaccines and flexibility and we will do it.” NHS England replied to Bell with a spokesperson saying “Prof Bell’s reported comments suggest he may not know that at the current time there are not actually that number of vaccines available to the NHS to deploy. It’s best to stick to the facts, and they are that vaccine supply will be progressively increasing over the coming weeks, allowing rapidly expanding vaccinations.”

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