Johnson warned 'lift lockdown soon or face leadership challenge'

According to the latest Opinion poll for the Observer the majority of people think that Boris Johnson should resign rather than continue in office.

More people think the Prime Minister should resign than stay says opinion poll: The results from the first poll of the year say that 43% think he should resign, with 40% saying he should stay where he is. When Conservative voters were polled 87% said that Johnson should continue to lead the country with only 7% saying he should leave.

It also showed a small drop in support for the way the Government are handling the coronavirus pandemic with 72% (+4) saying they think the Government are not acting fast enough and 42% (+4) saying they definitely aren’t handling it fast enough. It would appear that people remain cautious in terms of the current restrictions with 64% saying they would like “a government who quickly puts lockdown measures in place, even if that means that sometimes measures are put in place that didn’t need to be.”

And only 25% saying they would prefer “a government who tries the hardest they can not to put lockdown measures in place, even if that means that sometimes decisions are made later than they would otherwise have been.” The overall approval rating for the Prime Minister remains approximately the same with people approving at 37% (down only 1 point on the last poll taken) and people disapproving at 45% (up 1 point from the last poll).  Global247News Twitter

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