Depression In Spain Claims Benidorm Character Mikey Burgess As Fears Grow For Missing Man

Fears grow for depressed Benidorm local celebrity Mikey Burgess as he goes missing

Mikey Burgess, a local celebrity in Spain’s Benidorm appears to be the latest ex-pat to go missing due to ‘pandemic depression’

The popular character around Benidorm, who presents his own media outlet ‘Mikey’s page’ that keeps British ex-pats up to speed on local news and events – made his last post a couple of days ago when he said:

“When your at the end of your tether and you just want to end it all.

 Depression In Spain Claims Benidorm Character Mikey Burgess As Fears Grow For Missing Man

Since the post that indicated suicidal depression, the popular character has not been seen or heard of since.

The controversial character who claims his media outlet is the most ‘controversial Facebook page’ as the outspoken currently missing man likes to air his views, although with no sightings by friends and with his last message, fears are growing for his safety.

Friends have notified the police, whilst hundreds of local supporters of Mikey are calling for the public to look out for the missing man.

As one friend said – it’s not like him to not contact his mother who he’s believed to speak to normally on a daily basis.

It’s unknown what has triggered Mikey to go missing, a man known normally for his resilience – especially when ‘airing’ his views.

In 2020 he became embroiled in a ‘public spat’ on Facebook where he was threatened publicly although it appeared he overcame that situation at the time, despite the threats, it’s unknown at this stage if that has boiled over again.

A Benidorm ‘fan’ of Mikey’s this morning urged everybody to look out for the missing man and to report any sightings to the police, she said:

“Whilst Mikey likes to speak his mind, he’s actually a very sensitive guy, we are really not sure what has triggered this off, maybe its another case of cyberbullying, but the pandemic is making a lot of people very depressed so it could possibly be that, nobody really knows, he’s not answering his phone, he’s not been at home or appears not to be and he’s not replied to any messages, please, please, please, everyone keep your eyes open, he’s obviously in a bad way, reading his last message”

If you find or see Mikey and don’t wish to call the police – feel free to contact everyone concerned at as we all pray he’s found safe and well.  Global247News Twitter

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