Travel Companies 'blacklist' Spain for 2021 tourism as hotel contracts terminated

Travel companies are now ‘blacklisting’ Spain whilst hotel contracts are terminated

UK travel companies are now ‘blacklisting’ Spanish holidays internally due to the uncertainty of holidays going ahead in 2021.

Sales advisors of many UK travel companies are being told by management to direct customers wishing to book to other destinations – if the chosen destination is Spain.

Whilst it’s not a direct slight on the country itself, the fear remains that Spain will not be fully re-open for business, and travel agents fear the further backlash of cancellations.

As airlines as earlier reported this week by Global247news, further cancel flights to Spain until at least the end of March, as announced by Ryanair today – holiday companies are also terminating contracts with Spanish hoteliers for 2021.

An independent travel agent, Rian Rodber who liaises daily with the major booking holiday companies – tells Global247news of the ‘blacklisting’ and how the directive is to sell elsewhere, she said:

“The directive from holiday managers is to avoid selling Spanish packages – push them onto a different destination.

“Reasons given are a fear of the holidays not taking place and refunds having to be delivered, as an agent you want your commission, which you don’t receive unless the holiday obviously goes ahead, holiday companies are now also offering higher commissions for other destinations to Spain, Portugal a close example, the commission being offered is treble,” she said.

She further added ” It appears the holiday companies have ‘no faith’ in Spain in being able to provide an unrestricted holiday in 2021, this is also highlighted in the fact of how many hotel supply contracts are being terminated”

” Spain is simply not worth ‘selling’ both for agents or holiday companies, we don’t know if we will get paid as agents so following the advice of the holiday companies – we are selling into other destinations for a higher received commission rate” she commented.

Meanwhile, Leigh James, another agent, who organizes holidays for the rich and famous, especially Premiership football players through his company ‘ A World In Motion’ tells how Spain is taboo.

” Spain’s out of the spectrum this year – my clients don’t simply wish to visit – whereas Marbella is normally a popular destination ‘after season’ with players and clubs, it’s a no go for 2021, they are requesting different less regulated destinations”

“The travel industry, in general, has not any faith in Spain, many fellow agents are calling me daily for advice on where to place ‘safe unregulated holidays’ as they wish to be paid,” he added.

As Spain relies on tourism for at least 15% of its GDP and is the pinnacle of trade for regions such as the Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca, especially amongst the ex-pat British fraternity who operate businesses in their new communities after leaving the UK, it’s not welcoming news that they wish to hear, especially after a disastrous 2020 financially.

Although according to businessman Michael Issac in Peurto Banus, ” Whilst I have heard of the negativity of the holiday companies, it leaves more room for scope to private landlords like myself, I’m already taking bookings from people who’s hotel holidays have been canceled, Brit’s love Spain, I have no fear they will still come, but book privately as long as they can get a flight”


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