Spanish businessman wonders when he will see beloved daughter again

A tearful businessman based in Spain’s Mallorca wonders when he will see his daughter again due to Spanish regulations

Annis Abraham a property developer and football author  – today said goodbye to his beloved daughter Annise as she flew back to Bristol University after Christmas on the Spanish island.

Abraham who hit the headlines during the 2020 pandemic after trying to reunite his daughter with her family, booking over 25 flights, as he feared for her safety in the UK – today once again had to say a tearful goodbye to his eldest daughter against his wishes.

He now is in the position, due to Spanish strict regulations, wondering when he will see her next, as she’s now banned from entering Spanish terrority.

Whilst the majority of the family are Spanish residents, Annaise, the eldest of three, remains a UK citizen and under current regulations is not allowed to return.

With the Coronavirus pandemic rampant in the UK, the businessman is concerned about her return although the strong-minded daughter is a ‘chip off the old block’ and determined to finish her law degree, to which she has excelled.

Annis, told Global247news of his pain as he watched his daughter depart from the airport of the island, he said: ” There’s no stopping her, she’s very headstrong and determined, although I am very concerned, although she’s a clever girl and will take care of herself, I know – but as a father, you always worry at times like this, it took me all that time and money to get her back but now she has to return and it’s a worrying time and heartbreaking” he said.

Mother Joanne, said “I didn’t have enough tissues at the airport, tears rolled and I will need a stiff drink tonight, it was very emotional, but she has to do what she’s got to do”

She added ” Who knows when we will see her again – she can’t return for the foreseeable future as she is now banned from coming back until regulations change and hopefully the pandemic situation gets better”

The family posted tonight on their social media channels:

“We all said Goodbye to our eldest Daughter today as Annaise returns to Bristol Uni – We have had an amazing Xmas and New Year together and can’t wait to see her in a couple of months hopefully -Safe trip back Annaise ( 12hr journey due to hardly any planes ) Love you & Stay Safe our Darling, Daughter “

Whilst the tears flowed at the airport, well-wishers across Mallorca gathered to offer their support.

“We are a tight community here and we are feeling for the family right now,” said Mike Travers “Let’s just hope regulations change shortly”  Global247News Twitter

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