Partygoers claim they 'didn't know there was a pandemic' as police break up gatherings

Ministers have been reported as discussing a ‘tough crackdown’ on people who fail to adhere to the rules. And breach the coronavirus restrictions as they are concerned with the level of public compliance.

Police across the UK toughen up on lockdown rule breakers: Police forces across the country have been strengthening their efforts to come down hard on flouters. At the moment the rules state that members of the public must stay at home. Exercise once a day and not leave the area that they reside in. The new legislation does not, however, say how far a person can travel to take exercise which has become something of a ‘grey area’.

Two friends in Derbyshire were stopped and fined £200 each. After driving 5 miles to walk around a reservoir. Jessica Allen and Eliza Moore said that police surrounded their car and they were ‘treated like criminals’. Allen said “They read us our rights to say that anything we say may be held in evidence and used in court. We had gone for a walk five miles away from home!”

Police in Shropshire have been slammed for a Tweet they put on social media regarding fining people for being out playing in the snow.

The Tweet, which has since been taken down, said. “This is obviously not a justifiable reason to be out of your house. This behaviour is likely to result in a £200 Fixed Penalty Notice for breaking the lockdown rules.”

After the backlash from members of the public the force explained that it had been taken out of context. And that they were talking about snowballs being thrown at the homes of the vulnerable and elderly after 11pm. Mo Lansdale, superintendent for the Shropshire area, said. “We will not tolerate the targeting of vulnerable people and there are a number of powers available to us to protect people.”

Home Secretary Priti Patel defended the move regarding police questioning people outside during lockdown by saying. “It’s right that police act robustly. Throughout this coronavirus pandemic, during the last lockdown, the police have been asking individuals why are they out and about. And should they be out and about, when the message right now is stay at home.”

To try and encourage people to follow the rules Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Witty is fronting a television advertisement. Warning everyone how serious the disease is. In the advert Witty says. “Covid-19, especially the new variant, is spreading quickly across the country. Vaccines give clear hope for the future. But for now you must stay home, protect the NHS, save lives.”  Global247News Twitter

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