Mayhem At Cambridge United As Protestors Target The Club For 'Taking The Knee'

Cambridge United came under attack this afternoon by protestors who caused mayhem at the Club

As the staff at Cambridge United prepared for today’s league 2 tie versus Harrogate they least expected an onslaught from campaign groups protesting about the club ‘taking the knee’ at football matches.

Although they became today’s target – after banning loyal fans recently who complained about what’s regarded as a political gesture.

Protestors caused the club absolute carnage as over 7,000 protesters seiged the club with a barricade of phone calls and emails at the same time, which reportedly caused the club’s fragile computer systems to crash.

Kept secret for days by the campaign leaders, to avoid being detected by the authorities, over 7,000 football supporters waited for the order to attack, and then it came, with the reasoning for today’s target:

Target:Cambridge Utd (v Harrogate Town)
Cambridge United were recently boo’ed for taking the knee by some very brave supporters. One, was a season ticket holder of many years standing. He was also an Admin of our wonderful group and is now under a ban from Cambridge Utd along with his son.
Our mission today is to block the switchboards of CambridgeUtd with repeat calls. If you can’t get through then it is working so keep trying. Landline numbers are below. Also, email all of the addresses below. Let them open a thousand emails each. Hammer the Facebook page. Hit the Twitter account. Repeat, repeat, repeat. It is our time to say kick this BLM racism out of football. Be polite to win the conversation, the person answering the phone is only doing their job.
The protest is continual from 14:15 -15:00 today (45 minutes of intense attacks).
Cambridge United main contact number; 01223 566500
Media number; 01223 632125
Media & comms manager;
Supporter liason officer;
Facebook pages;
Greg Taylor
Professional footballer for Cambridge United. Represented by @lpm_agents
Sample email to copy and paste is here;
Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to forewarn you of the most despicable act that will probably take place at Cambridge United FC today. Today’s teams could “take the knee” before this match in support of Marxist Black Lives Matter (BLM). This is an extremist and left-wing, Marxist group founded by a sex slave convict. Further, during the summer of 2020, BLM ran amok in British cities, causing violence, crime, and fear. They damaged statues and the vile act of vandalizing our sacred war memorials. Marxist BLM is not poor, down-trodden black kids from the block. They are a well-financed, racist movement from the USA, with ties to The Nation of Islam, and thrives on creating racial disharmony and division. Their Marxist manifesto includes defunding the police, dismantling the nuclear family in favor of communities, and ending capitalism. They are well prepared for complaints such as this message, and will window-dress taking the knee as a “gesture against racism”.
May I remind you that according to FA Law 04, Section 5, “slogans, statements or images related to the following are not permitted by any organization which is discriminatory.
  • any person(s), living or dead
  • any local, regional, national or international political party/organization/group, etc.
  • any local, regional or national government or any of its departments, offices, or functions
  • any organization which is discriminatory
  • any organization who [whose] aims/actions are likely to offend a notable number of people
  • Any specific political act/event
You have an opportunity today to extricate Cambridge United FC from the heinous mire, that football has immersed its reputation in. United should not bring the game into further disrepute by supporting Marxist BLM. Also, for our own survey regarding diversity in football, could you please let me know how many black and ethnic minorities and openly Gay persons, are on the board at Cambridge and if the board “take the knee” before their meetings?:
For 45 endless minutes, the club came under attack that remained so continuous police were concerned about the safety issues by way of blocked communications.
A source close to the club and working within the club at the time told Global247news ” It was horrendous and we were totally unprepared – it was a nonstop barrage which caused our computer system to ‘pack up’ – we just don’t have the bandwidth to cope with something like that, the phones were totally jammed too, it was a nightmare, we had to call the police and report it, although they said no criminal offense had occurred as it was individuals – they were more concerned about health and safety issues whilst all the communication channels were down, even mobiles as the volume of calls made by mobiles crashed the local mobile antenna.
Meanwhile, the protestors deemed it a great success as one said ” Another scalp to the list – Spurs now Cambridge, don’t worry there will be plenty more to come”
Although it appears the campaign is appearing to get through to clubs, this Saturday has seen a record number of clubs not to take the knee before kick-off as fan power starts to get its message across.  Global247News Twitter

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