Marbella Football reporter in Spain banned for life alongside his hero Trump

A football reporter in Spain’s Marbella is banned for life alongside his hero Donald Trump

Football reporter Adam Brown has been banned for life from Twitter the same night as his hero Donald Trump.

Brown who has advocated Trump’s views and shared every tweet believes he has been vindicated by the Social Media channel Twitter.

As Donald Trump today in the early hours was banned from Twitter for life, Brown claims he has too, with the feeling it’s now linked.

” I’ve been banned for being a Trump supporter, it’s now clearly obvious, I couldn’t understand Twitter’s agenda against me but now I know,” he told Global247news tonight.

Brown had previously earlier in the evening made a video appealing for assistance with Twitter, expressing how the ban and blocks were making him feel suicidal whilst depressed.

Although being banned is not something new to Brown – who served a 3-year ban from all football grounds in the UK as well as being banned in politics when he served as a town councilor.  Global247News Twitter

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