Costa del Sol Crumble in Spain as roads collapse

 After hours of relentless rainfall and high winds, a roadway collapsed leaving a gap some five meters across and about eight meters deep in La Cala on Spain’s Costa del Sol

It is understood that the rain had softened the earth that much that it just gave way, leaving the tarmac with no support so it cracked and fell into the opening.

Repairs are likely to be very expensive and will take some to complete as they are no signs the weather will abate just yet.

As the present crisis in Spain looks likely to last until at least June, and most likely throughout the summer, it’s the type of devastation the country needs during these times.

This road is the lead way to La Cala golf, a popular golfing resort for many British tourists on the Costa del Sol, already under pressure from neighboring Portugal for 2021 golfing vacations.

The Costa del Sol has not only been battered by the Coronavirus pandemic but over the last few days also Storm Filomena adding to local businesses woes.  Global247News Twitter

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