Amanda Holden slams Government for not acting sooner on travel rules for COVID

Television star and actress Amanda Holden has questioned the Government on why they have not acted faster on the decision to test people coming in to the UK and said that they ‘lack common sense’.

Amanda Holden slams Government for not acting sooner on travel rules for COVID: After hearing the news that travellers will have to test negative before entering the UK, Holden posted a long message on her Instagram account Putting up an old photograph of herself on a beach in a bikini Holden wrote “I cancelled my holiday on #Boxingday…. it was hard. But I was flying with a negative test and everything was in place for a safe holiday with my family. WHY THEN, ARE THE UK ONLY JUST making the decision to test for Covid for people coming into our country??”

She went on to say “We’ve all sacrificed so much in different ways… most of us have been responsible. Had so much good will and respect for each other. Joined together and marched on through this… it’s made me see this morning hearing it on the news – the senseless year of neglect of Government rules at our borders… other countries have done it before us.” She finished her post by adding “Why has it taken us so long? No one seems to have an answer… or be questioning it?!!

Surely this could have prevented the increase of the spread?!!” The 49-year-old TV star urged her followers to “#Staysafe and try and keep patient and calm despite the lack of common sense being afforded to us.” All passengers arriving from overseas will soon have to produce a negative test to enter England with it being taken 72 hours before they depart from the country that they are in. Travellers who fail to adhere to it will receive an instant £500 fine.  Global247News Twitter

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