Spain to investigate 58 cases of babies 'stolen' at birth

Spain is to investigate numerous cases of children who were allegedly stolen at birth in the first national probe into a scandal that has haunted the country.

Prosecutors will examine 58 cases brought by parents, siblings, and grown-up children who claim their children were taken from them as infants between 1954 to 1994.

Children were ‘snatched’ under the regime of dictator Franco under the ruling of ‘disloyal parents’ although even after the dictatorship finished in Spain, Children were still taken up until 1994.

The locations and the whereabouts of the majority of children have never been found by parents.

Now investigators seek to delve deep into the missing children – and take legal action against the ‘baby snatchers’

Maria Lopez in Spain’s Madrid told Global247news: “It’s about time, although I am not hopeful of ever finding out what happened to my baby boy, who was taken by the authorities in 1978, the pain of loss is still with me every day”  Global247News Twitter

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