Sky TV brand football fans RACIST as they cancel their football subscriptions

Sky TV  branding football fans as ‘racist’ as they cancel subscriptions over ‘taking the knee’

As thousands of football fans campaign against Sky TV gathers huge momentum – fans are being branded as ‘racist’ by telesales operators.

Despite the numerous football fans canceling through their own will against what they regard as a campaign against politics in sport, canceling customers have been branded ‘racist’ over the phone as they withdraw their business with Sky.

A fan who canceled his subscription, who is actually Black, told Global247news this morning: “Sky called me racist when I told them why I canceled my sub for sky sports. I believe the only way to get the message across is a full-on boycott of our clubs now.

“Hit them in the pocket. Remember most of the chairmen these days are not in it for the sport, but the money” he added.

Cardiff City supporter Steven Thomas, who himself has stopped watching all football until the ‘taking of the knee’ is removed from the game, was another who was accused of being a racist and was outraged at the slur, he said:

“We are not racist at all, calling someone a racist is to just throw a spin on an argument they ( Sky) can’t win – football fans all across the UK want it removed from the game as they don’t want politics involved in sport especially when it is backed by Marxist organizations.

“For one of the world’s largest media organizations to call me racist is well out of order – they are the ones asking the questions when you cancel, clearly they don’t like the answer” he added.

” Lefties always play the f…..g race card, it’s nothing to do with race at all, – it’s they who are ignorant” he finished.

As momentum spreads amongst the footballing world fraternity of supporters, thousands a day are now canceling their TV subscriptions whilst the football league and the Premiership are preparing for more attacks this weekend from disgruntled fans.

One campaigner, who’s name we will not identify told: ” You watch us go this weekend, Spurs this week was the tip of the iceberg if the authorities feel this will just wash away, it won’t, we grow stronger each week united, this weekend you just watch us!”  Global247News Twitter

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