Patients waiting for the "English" vaccination after turning down Pfizer one claims eminent GP

An eminent GP has claimed that some patients are turning down the COVID vaccination produced by Pfizer/BioNTech .  And are waiting for the “English one.”

Patients waiting for the “English” vaccination after turning down Pfizer one claims eminent GP: The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccination was rolled out at the beginning of December. While the Oxford/AstraZeneca version was given the green light on the 30th December and is now rolling out across the country. High profile Dr Paul Williams, former Labour MP for Stockton South, said that the reason for people wanting to wait was all down to “nationalism”.

Since being voted out in 2019 Dr Williams has been working closely alongside the NHS in the fight against the coronavirus disease. Taking to social media he wrote on his Twitter account. “Some local patients have turned down an offer this weekend of getting a COVID vaccine when they found out it was the Pfizer one. ‘I’ll wait for the English one’. People at risk of death in the depths of a pandemic. A lesson that nationalism has consequences.”

Doctors surgeries across the country have now started the vaccination program. As hospitals are heading towards breaking point with rising numbers of seriously ill patients. The Government has now committed itself to offering the vaccine to 13 million people in the top four priority groups by mid February.

Another doctor, Dr Simon Stockley, from Eaglescliffe Medical Practice in Stockton, believes people are making a decision on which vaccine is better according to reports from the BBC.

Dr Stockley said “I can well understand that people are trying to make a decision as to whether one is better than another. And I don’t think there’s any evidence that allows you to make that distinction. If you are being offered the Pfizer vaccine now, waiting for something else to come along that is describably better seems perverse.” The one benefit of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine is that it can be easily given as it can be stored at normal fridge temperature. While the PFizer one has to be stored at -70c. From next week seven mass-vaccination centres will also open in London, Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Surrey and Stevenage.  Global247News Twitter

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