Human remains turn out to be a "pota-toe"

A woman out walking her dog on Tuesday in Winalton, Gateshead thought that she had discovered human remains in a muddy field and sent photos to the local police force for them to investigate.

Human remains turn out to be a “pota-toe”: Northumbria police were deployed to the scene as the photographs did indeed look like a human toe was poking up through the earth. Response officers and police dogs searched the field with the police saying afterwards “Eventually, officers tracked down the ‘scene’ only to discover the toe was in fact a potato with a mushroom growing next to it.”

Inspector Phil Hamlani, who stated that the call was made in all seriousness by the dog walker, encouraged anyone who sees anything untoward to contact them. He said “The person who called this in was very concerned, and in the picture she sent to us the object did look like it could be human remains. It was already dark by the time we got a call and so we had to deploy search teams to track down the scene to rule out any foul play.

The search team did have a chuckle when they realised it was a potato but the call was made in good faith and we can only praise the vigilance of the woman who made the call. If anyone does come across suspected human remains, please do the same and give us a call. If it does turn out to be a vegetable, our police dogs will thank you for the treat!”  Global247News Twitter

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