Sky TV see noticeable rise in cancellations from football fans over 'Taking the Knee'

A noticeable rise in cancellations to sports packages has been seen by Sky TV from football fans

Sky TV who charges premium prices for live football has seen a ‘noticeable’ rise in cancellations in the last two weeks according to a source operating in the telesales department.

The source has revealed to Global247news that the majority of cancellations are cited as the Media Companies support of the action of ‘taking the knee’ before live matches.

He said: ” Cancellations are rising, although, in the grand scale of things, they are not massive, but they are noticeable.

Subscribers as standard we ask for their reasoning for canceling or not renewing – on many occasions, I would estimate 7 out of 10 states it’s because of the Black Lives Matter campaign and the taking of the knee before matches – some of the callers go into great detail and do seem clued up on matters” he added.

He further went on ” I don’t think these are racist people, the most common comment is that ‘ All Lives Matter’ and how people are fed up of what they call as propaganda – it’s not only football fans though, the Formula One package has seen a rise too”

Football fans organizations, who want the ‘taking of the knee’ removed from football and citing there is no room for politics in sport have been calling for a boycott towards Sky TV, and it appears it’s starting to take effect as the pressure grows.

Campaigner, Steve Hawkins, a Bristol City supporter, told Global247news  

“It’s a start but he numbers will grow, our subscriptions I believe are funding BLM as Sky make donations to the campaign, Sky should start listening to its customers, not political led propaganda – we will hit them where it hurts, in the pocket, they can’t have their cake and eat it” he said.

Social media appears to be taking a leading role amongst fans as they gather and arrange boycotts whilst boosted posts are being sent out to football supporters

The latest boosted post to football fans around the UK

Football presenter, Adam Brown, who presents ‘Football With Brownie’ on his Youtube channel and a staunch supporter of the knee being removed from the game tells how he feels how Sky may have to buckle under the pressure, the Cardiff City supporter and former member of ‘The Soul Crew’ tells:

” Sky’s main objective is money, the issue they have now is they are not just upsetting a few viewers, they are coming head to head with football supporters who should not be underestimated, fans like ours at Cardiff have brought down Chairman and all sorts through ‘fan power’ – ask Peter Ridsdale!

The majority clearly want politics out of the game, the campaign momentum is growing and will continue to grow, this will lead to many more subscription cancellations for sure, and when it does Sky will have no option but to react” he said.

He finished with ” Anti Racism is fine, supporting a Marxist led Black Power movement isn’t”  Global247News Twitter

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