COVID kills half the residents of one care home in Sussex over the festive period

An East Sussex care home has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic over the Christmas and New Year period, losing 13 of it’s 27 residents to the disease.

COVID kills half the residents of one care home in Sussex over the festive period: It is feared now that the new variant strain which is sweeping the South East is breaching the defenses of care homes. Thirteen residents at Edendale Lodge care home in Crowhurst have passed away since the 13th December, with all of the death certificates claiming COVID or COVID related illness as the cause of death.

Added to this, a third of the care home’s staff have also tested positive with most of the deaths occurring on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. The latest death came on Monday this week. Adam Hutchison, managing director of the homes, which are also based in Kent, said “It was an awful Christmas and terrible for the staff. It is just unstoppable. We are sitting ducks.” Care homes up and down the country are being hit hard with Essex county council banning all visits to care homes in its area on Tuesday, saying “the growing number of outbreaks in care homes and the difficulty in controlling these outbreaks.”

Kent Integrated Care Alliance who front care home in it’s area are also warning of the effects on staff who are testing positive, the mental and emotional exhaustion among it’s care workers and the threat to the care homes themselves.

The Prime Minister has called for vaccinations to residents and workers in care homes to be “stepped up”. Mr Hutchison said that, although some of the deceased residents were near the end of their lives, others had been fitter.

He said “One of our residents played the piano and I would speak to him when I went in.” He went on to say that the outbreak had been detected by a routine swab test and that none of the 14 residents had any symptoms of the virus when the test results came back. One care worker was admitted to hospital he said but is now recovering. On the issue of how the virus managed to breach the protocols in place Mr Hutchison said “It’s hard for me to say how it got in. Because of the protocols we were following, everything was there.”  Global247News Twitter

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