Budget Airline & Holiday Companies Battle To Prepare Summer Routes Away From Spain

Budget airlines are drawing up battle plans to prepare new summer holiday routes away from normal favorites such as Spain

Airlines such as Jet2, Easy Jet, and Ryanair are locking horns over new route plans for the 2021 summer season.

After a disastrous trading period in 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic – budget airlines are studying hard, routes that can be profitable and that will be likely appealing to travelers this summer.

One of the many options under the proposals is flying customers further afield in an attempt to stop the cancellation of flights and holidays, especially as 2020 saw massive amounts of refunds.

With many countries such as Spain & Portugal having caused major disruption last year to travel plans and still not offering ‘enjoyable holiday experiences’ with heavy Coronavirus regulations, customers and bookings are shying away leaving the travel companies searching for ‘safer’ destinations both financially and Coronavirus free.

Although choosing and switching airline routes and arranging airline slots, see’s heavy competition between the Companies.

An executive for one of the airlines whose role is to seek and search whilst guestimating popular demand destinations told Global247news this morning:

“The likes of Malta and Bulgaria are becoming ever so much more popular and it’s our role to ensure that we can fly following the patterns of spend on this year’s summer holidays – it’s evident in bookings so far this year there is a lack of confidence in holidays going ahead to the normal favorites such as Spain as an example.

“The likes of Benidorm would be a popular choice normally, providing sun sea and entertainment but the current predicament in these places are causing a lack of consumer confidence.

“It applies the same to Spain’s various Costa del Sol regions too, let’s face it – the country has heavy regulations in place, and the statements from the Spanish government are uninspiring,” he said”

“Business, especially in the holiday industry simply relies upon customer confidence – so its for us to seek out routes that customers feel confident in taking in large numbers”

With Britain the first European country to roll out the COVID vaccine, it leaves many, especially those who missed out in 2020 on a holiday, desperate for a safe getaway and it looks as if they may have to venture to new destinations, meanwhile in an attempt to salvage profitable business, airlines are studying the holiday booking markets hard.

On the other side of the coin, planning of hotels for holidaymakers comes under scrutiny causing concern to hoteliers who rely on regular contracts with holiday companies.

Spanish hotels in the majority remain closed and with bookings already looking bleak for 2021, holiday companies face the scenario of having to replace, fearing unreliable availability from the hotel owners themselves, with many contracts already being canceled.

“It’s safer to enter contracts with hotels who we can depend on to ensure clients the perfect holiday,” says Timothy Hockin “Our customers always come first, If it means flying them to further away destinations – then so be it”





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