‘Take the knee’ protestors in their thousands placed Tottenham Hotspur Football Club under cyber siege last night

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, prior to their league cup semi-final versus Brentford, came under siege from thousands of football fans across the country, demonstrating in regards the players from both sides ‘taking the knee’.

As football fan numbers escalate into the hundreds of thousands across the country- in defiance of ‘taking the knee’ before football matches, they are now as previously reported are grouping together to tackle the football establishment.

Last night in a military-type well-planned operation, fans across the UK waited for instruction from group leaders, who were to release the plans of an attack at 6 pm.

As the order arrived, it set out to attack Tottenham Hotspur with a bombardment of both the Club’s telephone lines and emails in the demonstration.

The phone lines at the Club were totally blocked prior to the game as well as the Clubs IT and communications department struggling to cope with the masses of emails of protest.

It came as the order went out from one of many groups leaders as he announced:

Target: Tottenham Hotspur v Brentford (EFL Cup)
Our mission today is to block the switchboards of Tottenham with repeat calls. If you can’t get through then it is working so keep trying. Landline numbers are below. Also, try to email all of the addresses below. Let them open a thousand emails each. Hammer the Facebook page. Hit the Twitter account. Repeat, repeat, repeat. It is our time to say kick this BLM racism out of football. Be polite to win the conversation, the person answering the phone is only doing their job.
Protest is continual from 18:00 -19.45 tonight.
Telephone: 0344 499 5000
Twitter pages, there are many, so you can search but here are a few including fans links:
Facebook: You may have to join before posting
Search fb “football” and let everyone have a bit.
Sample email to copy and paste is here;
Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to forewarn you of the most despicable act that will probably take place at Tottenham Hotspur FC today. Today’s teams could “take the knee” before this evening’s match in support of Marxist Black Lives Matter (BLM). This is an extremist and left-wing, Marxist group founded by a sex slave convict. Further, during the summer of 2020, BLM ran amok in British cities, causing violence, crime, and fear. They damaged statues and the vile act of vandalizing our sacred war memorials. Marxist BLM is not poor, down-trodden black kids. They are a well-financed, racist movement from the USA, which thrives on creating racial disharmony. Their Marxist manifesto includes defunding the police, dismantling the nuclear family in favour of communities, and ending capitalism. They are well prepared for complaints such as this message, and will window-dress taking the knee as a “gesture against racism”.
May I remind you that according to FA Law 04, Section 5, “slogans, statements or images related to the following are not permitted by any organization which is discriminatory?
  • any person(s), living or dead
  • any local, regional, national or international political party/organization/group, etc.
  • any local, regional or national government or any of its departments, offices, or functions
  • any organization which is discriminatory
  • any organization who [whose] aims/actions are likely to offend a notable number of people
  • Any specific political act/event
You have an opportunity today to extricate Tottenham FC from the heinous mire, that football has immersed its reputation in. Spurs should not bring the game into further disrepute by supporting Marxist BLM. Also, for our own survey regarding diversity in football, could you please let me know how many black and ethnic minorities and openly Gay persons, are on the board at Spurs and if the board “take the knee” before their meetings?”
Masses of Tottenham fans turned on their own club backed by football fans across the UK and supporters of other clubs.
The demonstration was deemed a great success at the club couldn’t cope with the masses of phone calls end emails and at one stage had to reportedly disengage communication channels.
It was clearly a ‘result’ for the demonstrators whilst it appears this is only the start of many more campaigns planned.
Whilst Tottenham may have won the football match, the campaigners won the game of disruption despite being away from the ‘terraces’.
One campaigner posted his sentiment with a thought rendering post that really hit home.
Well thought out post from a demonstrator

The biggest issue though now for the football establishment is the rapid numbers of growth between football fans who want the ‘taking of the knee’ eradicated from football.

It’s not just the footballing establishment either, the media, especially Sky Sports who promote the ‘taking of the knee’ are becoming targets as subscription cancellations are growing at an alarming rate, although this is expected to grow tenfold with sources revealing planned attacks are prepared for them.

It does appear the football authorities have dug themselves into a large hole – not understanding the true identity of those behind the ‘taking of the knee’ stance.



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