Spain's Employment Minister Claims Spanish Unemployment is Below 16 Percent

The average unemployment rate in Spain in 2020 was likely below 16%, Secretary of State for Employment Joaquin Perez Rey told a news conference this morning.

Rey estimated the unemployment rate after the labour ministry said the number of people registered as jobless had risen to 3.89 million in 2020, the first increase since 2013, as a result of the business restrictions imposed to curb the coronavirus pandemic.

Although ex-pats residing on Spain’s Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol feel the number is actually higher.

David Patmore from Malaga, who runs an employment agency told Global247news: ” This figure is an estimation firstly and let me assure you the unemployment ‘reality’ figure in Spain overall will be higher – these figures will be based on who’s claiming benefit for being out of work, the reality is many are not entitled to the benefits”  Global247News Twitter

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