Rioting at football stadiums could return when crowds are allowed back

Riots could return to football stadiums when crowds return over the ‘taking of the knee’

Riots at football grounds are at present a thing of the past but they could well return when crowds are allowed back into stadiums.

Football ‘firms’ across the UK are preparing to get head to head with authorities over football players ‘taking the knee’.

Whilst many will feel that it’s racist – it appears not to be – just that football fans believe that all lives matter and that politics should not be seen in sports arenas.

So far both Millwall and Swansea City supporters, on limited crowds have been rapped and criticized for supporters booing and shouting abuse as players ‘took the knee’ and the feeling of those supporters is spreading quickly amongst other clubs’ supporters.

A recent poll amongst fans demonstrated that 80% of football fans do not want to see players performing ‘the knee’ before kick-off.

Meanwhile, many fans are appalled at black players raising their fists – which is a signal of black power.

Now with over 2,000 hardened activists against the symbol amongst many football fans of different clubs – the word is spreading fast and gathering support at pace.

Football fans are a different breed, they are not racist in the majority but they release their frustrations in many ways at a game tribally and when crowds return, the ‘taking of the knee’ could incite riots according to leading football ‘firm’ members.

By the time crowds return to grounds, thousands will ready to demonstrate and show their distaste, already without crowds, hundreds of police have surrounded grounds to stop fans from showing their disapproval.

The Liberty Stadium in Swansea, a fine example at their last home game as police turned up in force on word of protests. Although it worked outside the ground, fans had a plan B and were able to disrupt the ‘taking of the knee’ by launching fireworks and sounding off horns at a distance.

“When the crowds return, it’s going to kick off big time if this crap is continuing” warned a member of Swansea’s ‘Jack Army’.

” If football wants to keep grounds safe and trouble-free – they need to remove the ‘taking of the knee’ – they need to do it straight away, we are not racist as we will and have been portrayed, we simply don’t believe politics should be involved in football, it’s about the game and that’s it, as well as football fans in the majority believe that all lives matter,” the Swansea fan told Global247news.

He further added: ” It’s not just here in Wales, it’s going to kick off throughout Britain, we and Millwall were just the start and we will continue but you watch as all the other firms get involved.”

In London, the sentiment is also growing according to a Millwall fan, who explained how ‘football firms’ across the nation are preparing for action.

” I can’t go into detail as the law are already trying to track us and our movements and plans – but we have big plans, not just us here at Millwall but amongst all clubs and fans who agree with us, which is the majority, this political shit needs to stop and stop now, otherwise you could see battles in the ground like the eighties with the police as they attempt to prevent our freedom of speech.

” This isn’t a black thing, we have many black fans amongst us who agree, colour should never come into the game, it’s not about that, this is about a Marxist political stance players are being forced to take before kick-off”

“The knee must go and must go now – it’s just fuelling the fire” he warned.

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