Labour call for a national lockdown of the UK whilst PM will consider today

The government must impose a national lockdown within 24 hours, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has said.

Labour party leader Sir Keir said the virus is “clearly out of control” and national restrictions have to be “the first step”.

He went on to say: “It’s no good the prime minister hinting that further restrictions are coming into place in a week or two or three. That delay has been the source of so many problems.

“So I say bring in those restrictions now, national restrictions within the next 24 hours. That has to be the first step to controlling the virus.”

He added: “We can’t allow the prime minister to use up the next two or three weeks and then bring in a national lockdown which is inevitable. Do it now.

It’s understood from close sources as Whitehall that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is today to call another meeting with his SAGE advisors to consider further regulations and a possible National lockdown after the weekend’s infection levels soared to record heights in the UK, with some top politicians calling it D DAY in the fight against the virus.  Global247News Twitter

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