Surfer charges into sea in Hawaii to save the life of struggling swimmer

It was a typical “hold my beer” moment caught on videocam as an Australian surfer is seen charging into the sea in Hawaii to save the life of a woman who can be seen struggling against strong currents that were sweeping her out to sea.

Surfer charges into sea in Hawaii to save the life of struggling swimmer: Mikey Wright was looking out to sea when he spotted her in trouble. The video footage was later posted to Instagram by the heroic surfer with the tagline “hold my beer”. As other sunbathers on the beach tried in vain to save the woman Wright declares she is “going to need to be saved”.

He hands his phone, which is still recording, to a friend then leaps a fence and rushes in to the surf. He then grabs the troubled swimmer and they can be seen being submerged numerous times before he manages to get her back to the safety of the beach. As people celebrate Wright’s bravery the video has been re-posted and viewed thousands of times.

Many commented on the 24-year-old’s bravery with former world champion surfer Mick Fanning saying “Wow that could of ended really bad!! Well done.” A former champion tour surfer, Jessi Miley-Dyer, said “Who needs a cape when you have a mullet.” Wright, who hails from a family of professional surfers in Culburra, New South Wales, was in Hawaii for a Pipeline Masters event with his siblings when the incident occured.

He placed 17th in the men’s event however his sister, Tyler, who is two-times women’s World champion, won her event.  Global247News Twitter

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