Football fans want 'taking the knee' eradicated straight away as major protests are pending

The majority of football fans want the ‘taking the knee’ out of football straight away and with immediate effect

2020 has been a year we have seen the rise of the Covid-19 saga and also the rise in groups of social justice namely Black Lives Matter (BLM).

Although millions of football fans want it rid of the game – Global247news spoke exclusively with Steven Thomas, a Cardiff City supporter, and leading protester against players taking the knee, who refuses to watch football until the taking of the need is eradicated from the sport.

Thomas explained his stance and said: ” We have also seen this cause and their agendas rise up in sport and mainly in football where we see every game players and officials drop to one knee in support of BLM.

This has divided the game more than anything in living memory within the game.
Much opposition has arisen in the football community where club supporters have taken a stance mainly Millwall and recently a small group of fans from Swansea City.
Some say it’s the player’s right to show support to such groups and others who say that politics in sport should never be allowed.
But to make a balanced view we have to look into who and what is BLM and who are their leaders?
In 2013 BLM was formed by Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi, and Patrisse Cullors, And set up this group for direct change.
They are all self-confessed trained Marxists and they were campaigning by any means necessary policies to defund the police, tearing down Capitalism and abolishing the prisons and its system. and installing a Marxist regime.
New York BLM leader Hawk Newsome famously said on TV if they don’t give us what we want we will burn the system down and replace it – There is no democracy within these groups.
This group was very active using anarchist ways to deliver messages including violence and murder.
 During the riots in the height of the protests in America in 2020, they even murdered live on Facebook a retired Black police officer David Dorn because he was trying to stop his friend’s store from being attacked by a mob of BLM supporters.
Many more people Black and White was also murdered in these protests including children for which the media coverage was nonexistent.
BLM Matter was formed in the UK in 2016 by 30-year-old Joshua VIrasami with their demands the same as their American counterparts. Since then the leaders in the UK have been very sketchy and even though over 1 Million was raised by supporters there is no information on how this was spent.
Protests in the United Kingdom were in many cases violent, and included rioting and tearing down of monuments and defacing Winston Churchill’s statue who helped defeat Fascism of which BLM so dearly loath along with the rest of us.
Cenotaphs were also defaced as a kick in the face to relatives of servicemen who have given the ultimate sacrifice.
BLM has a very strong political agenda and uses race as a tool for their political beliefs with Black people leading from the top.
They are not interested in Black people being murdered by other blacks but they all want heavy compensation to all black people for the slave trade that has happened a very long time ago but ignoring the very simple fact that slavery has been committed by every race through the years and even today where slavery black on black in Africa is massive.
Hundreds of years ago gangs from Africa used to raid the Cornwall coast to take white people back to Africa – So slavery has always been a problem caused by white and Black people and in Muslim countries also was massive.
BLM And Antifa are funded by the Open Society who are themselves funded by George Soros and the Hilary Clinton foundation.
They are funded so they will do as they are told by their paymasters and that is where to protest were to loot and even when to murder.
Behind BLM and Antifa lies a very dangerous agenda.
We saw in the 1930s Nazi Germany, using sport to promote an evil ideology, using players to stand with raised stiff arms and promote hatred.
Also, the Olympic Games was also used as a tool in Hitler’s warped plans for forcing an ideology on everyone.
Now here in the UK, mainly footballers and also high prominent sportsmen are dropping to one knee in support of the BLM movement.
Recently we saw a minute’s silence for our fallen during the two world wars, then straight after they all dropped onto one knee in support of those that desecrated Churchill’s statue and our cenotaphs.
Supporters were getting incensed as empty stadiums were allowing this.
When the crowds come back, Football Clubs that are also heavily influenced by Sky Sports who’s support for BLM has never been questioned have vetted a small number of supporters back and banning people if they boo players taking the knee.
The players have the right to take the knee say many but supporters have no freedoms to object.
This whole mess is driving a massive wedge within society and mainly the fans who are starting to fight back. Millwall fans have stopped their team from taking part in this support for BLM.
Swansea fans have protested outside the ground even though it was a small group it has attracted a lot of media attention and in their recent game at home to Reading as one fan said there was more police surrounding the stadium than there was for their local Derby.
There has been some debate saying the knee has been taken not in support of BLM but in social injustices and if that’s true they should do their own protest and not do the BLM matter bending of the knee.
But what is worse is the Black Power fist pump being done by a lot of players. This is highly racist and no different to the White Power movement and both have no place in society.
Martin Luther King also stated that Black Power was just as dangerous as White Power and he was so right, also this great man said about the media, They have the power to make the innocent guilty and the guilty innocent.
It’s a concern they are using the same powers as the Nazis did to close down and silence those that object to BLM. Our right to protest is being stopped and this goes against our democratic rights no matter what your political persuasion is, apart from Marxism of which there is no democracy.
And we saying to the players do your own research on Black Lives Matter as we all find your millionaire lifestyles do not match with the beliefs of BLM.
Support of Black Lives Matter needs to end now” he finished.
Thousands of football fans across the UK are of the same opinion and momentum is clearly gathering at pace, – a Facebook group on the subject attracted 7,000 members in 24 hours, with their numbers doubling per day.
The group and others in 2021 are planning full-on peaceful demonstrations in the new year and one member told Global247news: ” We will ensure it goes, it has no room in football at all, you wait until the crowds are back fully in stadiums – at present they are getting away with it due to no crowds, the majority of football fans don’t want it and this will be clear shortly”
It’s certainly going to be an interesting remainder of the season in 2021 as the momentum builds.  Global247News Twitter

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