Farming business started by 13-year-old boy to rear his own sheep

A schoolboy entrepreneur has started his own farming business after he rented land from a neighbour to raise his flock of sheep.

Farming business started by 13-year-old boy to rear his own sheep: William Banham, just 13-years-old, has been feeding, watering and even worming eight sheep before having them slaughtered and selling the produce. Schoolboy William, from Long Bredy, Dorset, started learning the ropes at the age of six as he was determined to be his own boss, although he is not from a farming family.

He feeds and waters his animals with no help from anyone else when he isn’t attending Sir John Colfox school and was 12 when he started up his business, ‘Will’s Lambs’. When asked why he decided to become a farmer he replied “I was determined to work for myself, not for somebody else. I don’t think any of my friends have their own businesses – sometimes they joke about it, but I think mostly they’re quite impressed.”

Although not being reared himself from farming stock he has helped out on a farm from the age of six and, as most adults would be squeamish about the slaughtering of animals, William is mature beyond his years when it comes to the practicalities, saying “I know I’ve given them the best life possible so I wasn’t too sad about taking them to the abattoir.

You just have to accept that’s how it is. I also want to make sure every part of the animal is used, and will be selling the sheep skins.” When interviewed Caroline, William’s mum, said “William would have me drop him down there at 6am – he’d stay there for 12 or 14 hours if he could. During lockdown, every morning and afternoon he’d have to go and check the sheep. But he’s never failed to get up, he’s been really responsible.”

She said that feedback from customers has been amazing, adding “Everyone has been in touch to say it’s a great-tasting product. Will’s just got this amazing spirit, he gets things done. He’s quite self-motivated when he wants to do something. We’re really proud of him, and the fact he’s done everything himself.”  Global247News Twitter

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