Brits now getting stamped as they enter Europe to ensure they don't stay longer than 90 days

Brits entering Europe start receiving passport stamps to ensure they don’t stay more than 90 days

As freedom around Europe came to an end as Brexit finalized, reality hit home for hundreds of travelers since, as they received the new passport stamp to ensure they only stay in Europe for a period of ninety days.

Seasoned European travelers who have enjoyed the freedom to travel around without restrictions and do as they wish in relation to the time of stays in regions are to say ‘not the best pleased’ as reality hit home.

David Higgins, contacted Global247news to show his new passport stamp and hit out at Brexiters saying:

“Freedom denied due to blinkered idiots” he further went onto say, ” It’s a very sad day getting stamped like this, reality has hit home now, I’ve got 90 days and then must return like a little schoolboy after his summer holidays, all because people in the UK were blinkered”

He then added, “This is going to cost British owned businesses in the likes of Spain a small fortune, we normally go for 5 to 6 months of the year, normally during the winter, when the businesses need the trade more after the summer season, thousands who do the same won’t bother now”

“Personally for me, I will get the motorhome out more in the future, whereas previously I would rent a seafront apartment for a 6 month period, we would eat out most nights, etc, but now we won’t bother” he finished.

Every British person will now be ‘stamped’ and logged onto the computer system that is shared between the European nations to ensure no overstay, which is now a legal offense and if caught will lead to a hefty fine and a ban from Europe.  Global247News Twitter

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