You Can't Stop The Music' - Well Spain's Benidorm Has As It's Outlawed For New Years Eve

Benidorm will be music free for News Years Eve as music gets banned by the local government

As the song goes, ‘you can’t stop the music, nobody can stop the music’ it appears that the local governing bodies in Benidorm actually can.

In one of the most if not craziest regulations applied across Europe in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic – Benidorm’s governing bodies feel that banning live music and DJ’s performing on New Year’s Eve in bars and restaurants will prevent the spread of the virus in the area.

The totally absurd regulation was only announced yesterday evening, to make matters even worse, with such short notice.

It means, financially struggling artists who get no government aid in general, are short of work, desperate to earn a simple living, at late notice are denied as bookings have all been canceled.

Whilst bars and restaurants are allowed to open to celebrate the welcoming of 2021, a vital year in Benidorm’s survival if it’s to pull back from the holiday disaster of 2020, the ruling out of music is apparently the answer to the town’s officials.

A ruling that even top scientists wouldn’t be able to explain, has left the town devastated.

Mikey Burgess, a celebrity around the town of Benidorm, took to his social media channel to say:

“Would love to know who the f..k come up with these ideas and who passes them. So tomorrow, you can go to the bars in Spain but have no entertainment, really, that’ll stop the spread…..NOT….or do they think people are not going to go out I think not. X”

He went onto share many other’s thoughts on the late notice ruling as he said:

“heartbreaking though for the small independent bars that have bought in extra stock, also those now having to refund on tickets, the acts, DJ’s, etc that have now been canceled, it’s more than just another night, its messing with peoples livelihoods and income.”

Another resident said how he believes the only way to demonstrate against yet another ruling, yes Benidorm has done it previously to its local businesses and entertainers, is to stop paying taxes whilst he joked ‘Let’s call it bonfire night and burn the town down’ – to which Mikey Burgess replied quite rightly ‘ it’s all it’s going to be worth (firewood) once everyone goes out of business’ which is sadly an opinion observed by thousands as Benidorm continues to be dealt blow after blow, even from its local authorities.

A former bar owner, Kevin Davies – who has recently packed up, locked up, and heading home back to Wales said ” It beggars belief but on the same hand having seen it all before I am not surprised in the slightest, the harsh reality is though, Benidorms businesses are going bust as I have, its no thanks to the authorities, that’s for sure, its happened to so many and will simply continue unless the Spanish mentality at the town hall is eradicated and fast”

The saga is set to run on in Benidorm as many are preparing to protest, yet again.

All events in Benidorm can be followed on Mikey’s page called the ‘most controversial page on Facebook’ where the celebrity poster shares his news and views on Benidorm.

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