Cardiff serial COVID tester says Matt Hancock is 'talking rubbish'

A Cardiff man known as the ‘Serial Covid tester’ claims Matt Hancock is talking rubbish when it comes to vaccinations  and dates

Andy Simmons is well known throughout South Wales due to his work for the British government, many times appearing in the Worldwide media for his transportation of repatriated nationals returning from Coronavirus devastated areas including earlier this year Wuhan.

Amongst many, he’s known locally as the ‘Serial covid tester’ after being a guinea pig on trying to find an end to the current pandemic.

Simmons, who has gone under numerous tests to assist scientists to find a stop to the deadly virus though questions Matt Hancock’s mathematics and statements of when the pandemic will end, whilst also ruling himself out at present to receive the vaccine.

Simmons exclusively told Global247news :

” I can’t work out the math that Hancock has delivered to the nation”

He further went on: “Matt Hancock says – ‘We are confident we can get out of this pandemic by the spring’ – well that’s nonsense.

“Simple maths-Spring starts 20th March, new vaccine rollout 4th January 11 weeks, 1 million vaccinations a week +/- 67 million population DOESN’T mean coming out of it.

“It’s a farcical statement,” Simmons said.

” The minister for health is clearly talking a load of rubbish in my opinion, there’s no way this will be under control by March”

Simmons, who has spent the year broken up between hospital testing stays, transporting quarantined expats, and European visits where he has visited Spain’s Fuengirola, Benalmadena, Crete, Portugal & Athens to assist scientists, surprisingly at present doesn’t recommend taking the vaccination at present.

Without going into medical detail he said:

“Screw the new vaccine. They can’t even answer direct questions, just like the government.
Never had the flu jab, never will.
Covid-19 jab? -If your number is up, so be it, shit happens.”

“I’ve been involved in so many tests, I still personally have no confidence at the present time in it, only today somebody has died in Switzerland from the vaccination jab – of course, its personal choice but despite all the tests I have gone under, it’s not for me.

“I’ve done my bit for society in trying to find a solution to the pandemic, it’s even cost me my hair, but I can’t see how Hancock’s figures stack up” he shook his head.

“I think the best thing people can do is simply keep calm and smile – shit happens” he finished.  Global247News Twitter

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