Wales set to go hard 'Spanish style FULL lockdown' according to government sources

Welsh Government consider going ‘Spanish’ with even harsher lockdown  restrictions

The Welsh Government led by Mark Drakeford last night discussed even harsher restrictions for Wales.
According to the same sources who revealed the December lockdown to Global247news – Drakeford discussed with his advisors a Spanish style lockdown in an attempt to reduce the infection rates in Wales, which are totally out of control.
The source within the Assembly revealed:
“Meetings by way of video calls have taken place between Drakeford and his closest advisors, he has also held telecom with counterparts in Europe.
“Drakeford is determined to try anything to get on top of the pandemic and was impressed by yesterday’s figures released in Spain of only 8,000 infections compared to the UK’s 44,000 plus.”
Drakeford who has been strong in his own actions and views compared to England is apparently a large admirer of how matters have been handled in Europe when it’s come to containing the virus, something Wales has failed to do.
The hard regulations being considered are as follows according to the inside source.
Masks to be worn at all times outside of the home by all citizens unless medically exempt. Instant-on the spot fines of £100 for flouters.
All residents of Wales to be completely confined to their homes.
No exercise period outside – stamping out previous lockdown flouting of regulations.
Residents only allowed to leave home for essentials that are, Food and medical supplies which have to be from the resident’s nearest location. IE nearest shop when it comes to food supplies.
Dog walking and pet toiletry to be restricted to 200 meters from the home.
No home visits under any circumstances apart from Doctors or Nurses in relation to medication or treatments.
All these extra regulations are still under consideration although the internal source feels that they are likely for the New Year.
Another condition being considered is a register of people in Wales who refuse the vaccine, again this was announced in Spain today as a regulation.
The inside source went onto say: ” Mark knows he will face criticism but as Wales has the second-highest rate of infections in the world pro-rata, he’s being left with no options as the hospitals are totally overrun, he’s an admirer of the European system and feels its the only course left to implicate until the situation is brought under control”
” He feels he’s given the Welsh public every opportunity but whilst the majority have followed regulations, thousands have still flouted, you only had to look at the images yesterday from Barry Island to see that” he added
” If he decides shortly with his advisors, it’s fully the way to go forward and the only way to combat the virus, I expect it to be announced very shortly, before heading into the new year” he finished.
Global247news spoke with Mark Lewis from Taff’s Well, now living in Spain’s Marbella, who explained how it was during a Spanish lockdown, how it worked, and why he feels his native country is in the position it is now.
Lewis explained: ” It’s much tougher, basically you are confined to the house,  the streets are empty, you can only go to your nearest store and we were constantly checked by police when on the street for reasons of why left the home, you have to provide shop receipts if on the way back from the nearest store or evidence you are going to the shop, apart from that, basically, you are in your home for the designated period, we did 2.5 months here of it – but it worked, okay we still have regulations but nothing harsh now, although we still have to wear a mask and bars close at 6 pm in general and evening curfew starts at 10 pm until 7 am”
” It works and to be honest, I think back home in Wales, it’s been too lax, and too many people have evaded the regulations where they can, hence whilst Wales is in the situation it is today”
“If as you say Wales is going ‘Spanish style’ – it will benefit Wales in the long run” he finished.  Global247News Twitter

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