Premier league and all league football set to be suspended in January

Premier League could be suspended in January.

Premier League clubs may face a  minimum two-week break as Premier League Chairman discuss the rising Covid-19 cases.

Premier League chairmen are reportedly informally discussing the prospect of at least a 2two-week break in January in a bid to combat further outbreaks.

Although PM Boris Johnson may kybosh all of Britain’s Football when he makes his latest announcements tomorrow in regards to the current pandemic and new sets of restrictions.

Football supporters will be distraught around the UK if games are suspended once again due to a lockdown scenario, which seems likely.

Tommy Watson a Cardiff City supporter said ” Lockdown here in Wales is tough enough as it is, without football it will be torture, for many men and women its the only thing that keeps us going when stuck in the house, it’s bad enough not being able to watch the game live, they need to keep football going for thousands of people’s mental health”

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