Mourning Swan Blocks Over 20 Trains Before Being Rescued

In a statement released by them on Monday German firefighters and police say they had to remove a swan that was apparently ‘mourning’ from a high-speed rail line as it was blocking trains from passing.

The bird, which was blocking the line near Fuldatal, caused the cancellation of 20 trains after it’s partner was killed flying into overhead powerlines near to the spot.

After the death of the second swan, its partner settled on the railway line stopping trains from passing on a route between Kassel and Gottingen.

Local media reports said that firefighters, armed with specialist equipment, came to remove the dead swan’s body and the swan from the tracks whereupon it was released back into a nearby river.

The incident delayed 23 trains for nearly an hour and details of it were only released last night, although it had taken place on the 23rd December police said. It has been the understanding for many years that the swan will mourn its mate, who they are with for life, and very often will settle near the scene of another’s death.  Global247News Twitter

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