Globals advertising boards cause uproar in East London This Morning

Globals advertising boards in the East end of London have this morning caused an uproar

As work resumed this morning for many after the Bank Holiday weekend, Globals newsdesk has been bombarded with complaints from West Ham United supporters in the east end of London.

The crime – Tottenham Hotspur has been placed on Globals advertising boards.

Pandemonium hit the phone lines as many supporters believe the advertisement for Sky TV should not be displayed east side of the city, including Global247news’s own West Ham United match presenter, Jake Cox.

” I’m appalled,” said Jake, ” There are more than enough clubs like West Ham that could have been selected for London, especially regionally, to place them on our side of the city is a scandal – I will take this morning to reconsider my position” he stormed.

Jake wasn’t the only one to hit the phones with complaint after the new posters replaced the previous Big Mac adverts, over 60 called were received this morning as drivers made their way to work and saw the ads.

“It’s a bloody liberty – I can see them getting defaced very quickly” snorted Dave Hampton a lifelong West Ham supporter.

A Global spokesman though said this morning” Whilst it’s known Global have upset this morning many West Ham supporters and we thank all readers for their comments, despite the negativity, we can assure you we have no selection of what is placed on out advertising hoardings when it comes to football we have to remain impartial despite many of our staff’s love for the claret and blue”

“On a lighter note, we are pleased that young Jake Cox has calmed down and will continue to present his shows allowing full access to Global247news after we explained the position”  Global247News Twitter

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