Gerri Halliwell’s ‘thank you’ video message to NHS staff over Christmas has been viewed by millions.

Former Spice Girl and devoted wife to F1 Red Bull boss Christian Horner made a heart rendering thank you message to NHS staff, which has had people in tears all across the world.

Once known as ‘Ginger Spice’ and fronting the glamourous Spice Girl’ band, Gerri now spends hours on end working on Rainbow Women’   and the Youtube channel she launched on November 1st.

Taking her well-known ‘Girl Power” mentality, it was the inspiration behind Rainbow Women, which has already attracted millions of viewers to her new show, with nearly half a million watching the Christmas ‘Thank you’ message alone.

Ben McOwen Wilson, managing director of YouTube UK, said: “Geri is an icon of British female creative achievement and we are so proud that Rainbow Woman launched on YouTube.

“Rainbow Woman is a great example of diverse Britain and the incredible creative content that we love.”

Coming back into the limelight for Gerri though doesn’t come without its drawbacks as sectors of the media, in further parts of Europe already have made slanderous claims about her fidelity, which of course are totally unfounded.

One title going as far as claiming that she was in Marbella with a new boyfriend! although evidently, the star is in the UK as the millions of viewers to her TV show well know.

Although the article disturbed many of her millions of fans, Sarah Craig, from London who runs a Gerri fan club was one who was very disappointed as she said” I guess trash articles in trash newspapers will always appear when you are as famous as Gerri, but after some investigations on social media, the owner of the newspaper in question is someone who has their own Facebook page and advocates ‘Women and girl power! – it beggars belief”

Michel Euseden

“Our fan club was very disappointed to see a woman who advocates ‘girl power’ act in such a manner with her newspaper.

” Especially against one of the real leaders of ‘girl power’ – the ethos is that us girls stick together to create power- if you are going to talk the talk you should also walk the walk – not just use it for publicity,” said Sarah.

” She even had the audacity not to make a public apology, after the offending article was removed

” No doubt Gerri will be used to ‘fake news’ about her after her storming career and know-how to deal with such libelous claims ” she further added.

” Gerri has the ultimate Girl Power” she will know what to do.” she finished.

Despite the weekend’s farcical claims, it’s business for usual for Gerri and her millions of fans, who are addicted to ‘Rainbow Women’ and it’s series on Youtube.

To see what Rainbow Women and what real ‘girl power is’ here’s a full explanation from Gerri herself,

The new Youtube has attracted millions of fans from all over the world since its November launch and is expected to draw in millions more as genuine believers in ‘girl power’ pull together across the globe and watch the so far excellent series.

Lisa Gould, a large fan of both the Spice Girls and Gerri herself, says: ” Gerri’s singing throughout the episodes is awesome, I don’t miss an episode, everyone woman needs to watch the show”  Global247News Twitter

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