Hundreds of British UK tourist skiers going missing in Switzerland after legging it

Hundreds of British tourists forced into quarantine in a Swiss ski resort legged it in the night rather than seeing their holidays go down the slopes.

Around 200 of the 420 or so affected British tourists in the luxury Verbier resort disappeared under the cover of darkness, the local newspaper has reported.

Switzerland’s ski resorts were set to rocket with snow-seeking British tourists – but a flight ban due to the new Covid-19 variant raging in England put paid to that.

The drastic ruling by the Swiss government also included a 10-day retroactive quarantine for anyone who arrived from Britain since December 14, following the discovery of a new variant of the coronavirus which experts fear spreads more quickly

.Many of them stayed in quarantine for a  just a day before they set off unnoticed under the cover of darkness,’ Jean-Marc Sandoz, spokesman for the wider Bagnes municipality, told the local Swiss press.

He called the whole situation ‘the worst week our community has ever experienced’.

‘It was when they saw the meal trays remained untouched that the hoteliers noticed that the customers had gone,’ Sandoz told the media.

He said that according to a Saturday survey of the ski resort’s hotels, fewer than 10 people would still be in quarantine.

The rest would either have left or their quarantine time would have expired.

‘We can’t blame them. In most cases, quarantine was untenable. Imagine four people staying in a hotel room of 20 square meters,’ Sandoz said.

He said the tourists left feeling a little angry with Switzerland’ and with the sense of having been ‘trapped’.

Flights between Switzerland and the two countries were ceased on Monday, but the first outbound flights from Zurich to Britain resumed on Thursday.

Two cases of the new British coronavirus variant have been detected in Switzerland and one in neighboring Liechtenstein, the Swiss health ministry said Sunday.

At Zurich airport, Mr & Mrs. Barnes from Ilchester Road in Yeovil Somerset told reporters, ” we didn’t fancy the quarantine so quite simply, ‘we legged it’ – maybe can get some snow on Ham Hill this year” they grinned ” but seriously I think we are covered on our insurance and we just couldn’t stick like many others the quarantine conditions so headed home”  Global247News Twitter

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