Fake News About Gerri Halliwell Removed By The Euro Weekly News In Spain

A recent ‘fake news’ article produced by a free advertising ex-pat newspaper – The Euro Weekly News has now been removed from its website

The article produced by journalist John Smith, who works for the free advertising newspaper known at the Euro Weekly News made wild claims that the wife of Red Bull Formula one boss, Christian Horner, had arrived in Marbella to spend New Year with her new boyfriend.

The former Spice Girl, known as Ginger Spice, the article claimed was spending the New Year in Marbella with Henry Beckwith and even claimed in a so-called ” Exclusive” article that she was assisting her new boyfriend in the gym whilst staying with him at a hotel nearby.

The newspaper that claim’s to be the ” heart of the community”  came out with the absurd article, despite the Horner family themselves posting on Instagram sharing Christmas together in their Oxfordshire mansion with their beloved children.

Horners on Christmas Day

Spice Girl fans around the globe are reported to be horrified by such a ‘fake news’ claim as well as the Horner family.

Lisa Gould who resides on Spain’s Costa del Sol told how she couldn’t believe what she was reading this morning, she said: I flicked on their website to catch up with the weather for today and there it was, titled ‘ EXCLUSIVE 2 FOR ONE IN MARBELLA’ – to make matters worse they posted an image from Instagram claiming it was Gerri, when clear to the world it wasn’t! ”

“How can this newspaper be taken seriously? – what a load of trash!” she stormed

” Surely if you are going to make such claims as a reporter you check your facts out first, the whole world who follow Gerri know she’s been doing charity work delivering food parcels in Oxford and spent Christmas Day with her loving family, it’s not hard to check its all over the Internet”

” This paper calls itself the ‘peoples paper’ and here they are printing complete lies about someone that could cause disharmony in a marriage of a loving family, – it’s outrageous,” said Yasmin King

Close source and friend of Christian Horner, who worked with the Red Bull leader for many years, told of his disgust although he said he’s not surprised.

He said: ” I lived in Fuengirola for a few years, it doesn’t surprise me, it’s not the first time it’s written nonsense, they once wrote that the ISIS bride was already in Britain when she wasn’t as proven a couple of days later, since then I have also questioned anything they print, this latest nonsense shows why my judgment was correct, I knew it wasn’t true as soon as I saw the article”

Meanwhile whilst the article has been removed from the Euro Weekly News website it still appears on Google when you search Gerri Halliwell and being reported as a TOP story about the former Spice Girl singer.

A former employee of the Euro Weekly News, told Global247news how though he’s not surprised in the slightest, he said:

” They don’t have Journalists of substance, and they never check the facts before publishing from my experience  – the ‘writers’ run off a Whatsup group headed by the Operations Manager Nicki Burgess, most of the writers are out of work pub entertainers,” he said,

” When I was there, she was always under constant pressure from the owners to deliver hits to the website, and really she didn’t know what she was doing in my opinion, whenever she was in control it came across as a right mess, but you can’t go writing stuff like that, it’s atrocious”

At the time of press, the matter has been reported to the loving couple who are believed to be distraught by the article with its wild and absurd accusations.

The Billionaire couple who are spending Bank Holiday Monday at home with their children, despite the ‘fake’ claims are reported to be in dialogue with their personal legal teams who are currently collating information.

No apology publicly has been made at this time by the Euro Weekly News or its owners Michel & Steven Euesden.

According to their website “OOPS! PAGE LOST IN CYBERSPACE”




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