More bad news from Jet2 as thousands of holidays and flights for cancelled with no compensation

Jet2 flight from Spain to the UK had to be diverted to Ireland because of a drunk passenger

A Jet2 flight from Fuerteventura in Spain had to be diverted to Cork Airport in Ireland as a female passenger became disruptive and obnoxious whilst screaming obscenities at the crew who worried for the safety of other passengers.

The passenger was traveling on the Manchester inbound flight with her partner and child on Sunday, December 27.

The flight crew believed the woman was heavily intoxicated and the captain made the call to divert after he became concerned about her behavior despite being close to landing at the Manchester destination.

A Garda spokesperson said: “Gardaí responded to an incident in Cork Airport yesterday.

“A woman in her 30’s was removed from a flight from Fuerteventura to Manchester which had been diverted to Cork Airport.

“The woman was arrested and conveyed to a Garda Station where she was detained under Section 48 of the State Airports (Shannon Group) Act, 2014.

“She has been charged and currently remains in custody. She is scheduled to appear before Cork District Court today.”

Gary Timmings who saw the arrest said, ” She could hardly stand whilst trying to fight the police, she was screaming and shouting and as she was taken from the aircraft turned and shouted F..k you at the aircrew and passengers.

How she was on the plane I can’t understand, drinks were only lightly served in flight, so she must have been smashed getting on the plane.

I spoke with the aircrew who were disgusted at the behavior and one said ‘ I wish they would ban drinking in Airports as we have no control of that and they can sneak on’ – personally I feel she’s right, there have been far too many instances this year, costing Jet2 a small fortune”

An airport worker who finally unloaded the aircraft on its arrival at Manchester when questioned told passengers as he sighed “It’s always the Brits coming from Spain”  Global247News Twitter

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