Caring at Christmas in Spain's Fuengirola as 200 people get a free Christmas dinner on the Costa del Sol

Over 200 people will receive a free Christmas dinner today in Spain’s Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol

Today over 200 people will receive a free Christmas dinner thanks to Gary and Lauren Adamson, ex-pats living on Spain’s Costa del Sol in Fuengirola.

Gary Adamson, one of the stars on Channel 4’s ‘New Life In The Sun’ and Managing Director of Bars Abroad, listened to his beautiful daughter this year when it came to deciding what to do for Christmas.

With Spain’s Costa del Sol in a financial recession due to a lost full year of the tourism trade, Lauren felt there was only one thing to do – provide a free Christmas dinner to everyone affected by the pandemic and the financial disaster it has left in its wake.

After setting up many fundraising campaigns that were supported fantastically by the ex-pat community especially thousands of euros were raised, which was an amazing feat in itself during such tough financial times.

With thousands raised also meant there was money left over for presents for children who were likely to miss out this year.

Mark Sutherland, owner of one of the most popular bars, The Luna Bar in Torreblanca, who held fun raising events himself, summed up the actions of both Gary and Lauren, as he told exclusively to Global247news:

“It’s been very emotional, more than I ever thought, I’ve even seen big Gary in tears many times, over the last few weeks which I never thought I would see, it’s been a roller coaster of emotion and today I expect even more tears to flow after over 200 people will receive a Christmas dinner that they wouldn’t have obtained this year, all thanks to Gary & Lauren who have worked endlessly to make this happen today”

“They even created a Christmas video for the campaign, it’s a very emotional song and a harsh reality of how it is here at present”


The venue today for the largest free Christmas dinner on Spain’s Costa del Sol is Sams Bar, which has lent their venue to the father and daughter pair for the occasion, the bar ironically named after Gary’s son from when he owned the premises during his time on C4’s hit TV show.

Yesterday was spent peeling thousands of spuds and preparing over 60 kilos of meat for the big feast where anyone deprived of a Christmas dinner due to the Coronavirus pandemic and today over 200 dinners will be served on a takeaway and home delivery basis.

The Christmas message on the Costa del Sol from the organizers is, even if you haven’t pre-booked, still rock up like Rudolf and grab a dinner where ever you live here, we will be pleased to see you.

Gary this morning made a special speech to everyone who’s been able to make today happen as he said:

“Merry Christmas to you all! Thank you so much to everyone who has helped make today possible… businesses for supplying prizes and food, to everyone who bought a raffle ticket, to our team of volunteers who will be working today to make this Christmas so very special for families in the Fuengirola area.
We will be feeding over 200people today and this is only possible to the residents of Fuengirola. Thank you, Fuengirola, and Merry Christmas”
Whilst local resident Linda Pope has called for Gary to be awarded an OBE, she said ” If anyone deserves an OBE it’s Gary and his daughter Lauren, I think everyone should write into Boris and request one” she said.
In an exclusive interview with Gary this morning, he told Global247news ” I’m ecstatic we pulled this off, the generosity from the people to make this happen has been overwhelming. and I can’t thank you Global enough for all the publicity you have given us, we had setbacks with Facebook which I well documented by you Global rose to the occasion – you really are the people’s paper” he said.
We at Global wish the ‘big feed’ all the best today and will update later on how it all played out on Spain’s Costa del Sol.  Global247News Twitter

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