Party revellers fined £10,000 each for having 60 guests in apartment

Two-party hosts have been issued with £10,000 fines after it was discovered they were holding a get-together of 60 people in their flat in Leicester

The moment that police entered the premises has been caught on bodycam with the first officer to enter exclaiming “Woah” as he saw how many people were packed into the small flat.

You can hear him shout “the party’s over” above the sound of people talking and loud music.

All gatherings of people indoors are banned in Leicester, which is in Tier 3.

Leicestershire police have said the reason they have released the footage, taken on the 12th December when the flat was raided, is to “reinforce the message that people must follow the rules or they risk being fined”. They added that £23,500 worth of fines have been issued by them in the last 2 weeks alone.

They finished off by saying that 26 fixed penalty notices had also been issued at a car rally being held near Leicester General Hospital on Saturday.  Global247News Twitter

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