McDonalds launches new burger and raises a few eyebrows

As we all know McDonalds has always been there when we feel a bit peckish with an unchanging menu.

McDonalds launches new burger and raises a few eyebrows: Got the nibbles? Just nip and get a Big Mac and fries. However they have decided to launch a new burger in their Chinese outlets and it has caused some consternation amongst fans of the iconic restaurant chain. The new burger comes with Spam patties, Oreo cookie crumbles sprinkled on top and tons of mayonnaise.

Daniel Ahmad, a London analyst who is involved with video games in China and across Asia took to social media to tweet “McDonalds China is introducing a new Oreo x Spam burger on December 21. There will be 400,000 produced and sold. Look, I saw this so you have to see it too. Sorry, that’s how it works”.

It will be launched on 21st December and McDonalds China say that only 400,000 will be sold. Answering questions on his original tweet Daniel said “Yes, peope in China hate it too.” Although many people voiced their disgust at the new combination, others posted about odd burger ingredients from around the globe. One said “Scottish here and we love fried Mars bars and fried chicken. It is a tradition here.” Another tweeted “

It isn’t too different from this KFC donut sandwich sold in the US.” It sounds like people are not convinced and the burger is on limited release in Japan so it appears unlikely that we will see them on UK menus in the near future.  Global247News Twitter

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