Deadliest year in the US with 3 million DEAD with the highest rate since Spanish Flu

The United States records the highest annual death toll in its history, with three million dead in 2020

Covid -19 is mainly to blame for the grim record.

Data suggests the US will record 3.2million deaths in 2020, up 400,000 from the number recorded in 2019.

Experts expect annual deaths to increase each year in line with a growing population, the estimated 15% jump in mortality will be the highest since the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, when deaths rose by 46% in a single year.

America has so-far seen close to 320,000 Covid-19 deaths, and 18.04million recorded infections.

Immunologists now fear that number could rocket well into 2021 after a newly-identified mutant strain of Covid that spreads more easily was identified in England.

White House immunologist Dr. Anthony Fauci said the strain ‘might very well be here for all we know.’ New York Governor Andrew Cuomo also conceded the new variant may have taken hold, after calling for a ban on flights from the UK from landing in the Empire State.



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