Costa del Sol part resident pilot sentenced for 'Mashing his baby's head to pulp"

A British national pilot who lived on a part-time basis on Spain’s Costa del Sol has been jailed for life mashing his own baby’s brains in.

A British airline pilot was jailed for 20 years today after being found guilty of murdering his daughter after taking a cocktail of drink and drugs at a luxury hotel in Kazakhstan.

Airbus captain Mohamed Barakat, 42, ‘crushed the brains’ and fractured the skull of one-year-old Sophia by banging her head against a wall constantly.

The pilot’s claim that he had fatally injured the child in an ‘accident’ while suffering an epileptic fit.

¬†Although the court heard he picked up his child and constantly whilst high on drink and drugs smashed the infant’s head into a brick wall, mashing her brain to a pulp.

Barakat, who resided between Spain’s Marbella and the UK whilst working as a pilot for a Hong Kong airline will now serve a life sentence.

He will serve a full sentence in the country of the crime with no early release and will be banned from the country for a minimum of 5 years on release.  Global247News Twitter

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