A Disabled action group are threatening to remove flower plots placed by Yeovil Town Council that have been placed in disabled parking bays

A disabled action group known as ‘Freedom For All’ is planning to swoop into the town of Yeovil in Somerset and remove flower pots that have been placed by the local council in disabled parking bays.

The group based in Long Ashton, Birmingham, have had the attention brought to them by disabled wheelchair-bound Birmingham man Simon Folkes who was disgusted to see flower pots placed in parking bays for the disabled, whilst he visited the town.

Simon who was visiting family in the town decided to take a trip into the town centre for a coffee break and was informed that disabled parking was close by.

On arrival, he was disgusted that he wasn’t able to park in any designated disabled bays as large flower pots had been placed in the bays blocking parking.

Disabled Parking Spaces Blocked By Flower Pots

“I couldn’t believe my eyes,” Folkes told Global247news “Here were huge flower pots blocking the disabled parking slots, I have never seen anything like it on my travels,” he said.

Folkes who has spinal injuries after being shot in the back, whilst serving in Northern Ireland, contacted and reported the incident to ‘Freedom For All’ who is a designated group that challenge as they call ‘liberties against the disabled’

Simon went onto say that whilst he was staying in the area, how he read in the local media of the head of the town council requesting people to shop in the town centre and support struggling local businesses,

“I was flabergasted at the comment, it appears the Town Council want people to shop and support apart from us disabled.

“To me, that’s total discrimination against disabled people so I reported it to ‘Freedom For All’ who say they will remove all the large plant pots themselves,” said the former disgruntled disabled serviceman.

A spokesperson for the action group who operate all across the UK if they feel there is discrimination against disabled people which prevents their ‘freedom’ this morning told Global247news their thoughts and plans:

” This is a clear breach of freedom of movement against disabled people, whilst we can’t reveal how and when we will make removal of these obstructions, be assured we will if Yeovil Town Council do not remove shortly themselves.

“We have faced this situation previously and know exactly how to do it – we will liberate the disabled of Yeovil affected by this travesty in their town centre” he strongly said.

Further adding, ” Every disabled person in the UK has the right to freedom of movement and should not be denied that this is a clear case of  preventing the freedom to disabled persons, prior to taking action we will attempt to consult with the local MP for the immediate removal of this intrusion if this doesn’t take place shortly, we shall descend on the town and remove them ourselves”









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