Talks with Spain could lead to Gibraltar becoming part of the Schengen Area

Spain and the UK are rushing to reach a deal to save residents of Gibraltar, as well as Spaniards who work in the British Overseas Territory, from having to cross a European Union external border twice a day when the Brexit transition period ends shortly

Parties are “negotiating fiercely,” according to sources in Gibraltar.

If the talks are successful, Gibraltar would become part of the Schengen Area, an alliance of European countries that have abolished border controls.

The British Rock has not been a part of this passport-free space even when the UK was still a member of the EU.

In the event of an agreement, would represent a historic step forward for the 9,200 cross-border workers from Spain’s economically depressed Campo de Gibraltar area, where livelihoods are heavily dependent on political decisions regarding sovereignty issues.

Sovereignty over the territory and its waters have been a point of contention ever since “the Rock,” as Gibraltar is popularly known, was ceded to Great Britain in 1713 during the War of Spanish Succession.

Although some locals on the rock, are against the idea, feeling it’s one-sided towards Spain, Gregg Maunder residing in Ocean Village told Global247news, ” It’s all about the Spanish workers, nothing about the residents here, some will say we need them but I don’t think we do, we should be inviting more people from Britain, not Spain – we are British at the end of the day”

” He further added, “We don’t go over there, it’s too rough – it’s the drug capital of Spain and we all know it, they only come here to earn, well they are against us in the whole picture of Brexit, so they can’t have it bloody both ways,” he said.  Global247News Twitter

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