Spanish are talking rubbish say Londoners after COVID claims

Londoners claim the Spanish are talking rubbish after Spanish media claims

This morning a day before Spain bans flights from the UK, passengers arriving on the Valencia flight from London told El Pais a Spanish newspaper they were surprised at the relaxed approach in the capital.

According to the Spanish newspaper, “We have seen the government acting very alarmed and even alarmist since Saturday, but people, at least in London, continue not to wear facemasks,” said Natalia Requena.

She was also quoted as saying, “Many people don’t even wear them on public transport, where it’s mandatory, and all of that is having an effect on incidences of course. People also don’t seem very concerned about the new coronavirus strain.”

The ‘news’ which was quickly scrapped by a British ex-pat news title and published off the Spanish newspaper’s website caught the attention of Dave Purchase from East Ham who frequents Spain’s Marbella on a regular basis.

Although now proud Londoners have hit back at the Spanish claims upon hearing of them.

“What on earth are they talking about – they are talking bloody rubbish” he stormed.

” I couldn’t believe what I was reading, I’ve never read so much trash, I was that incensed that I had to go down the tube to take a picture to prove the Spanish wrong and demonstrate it was ‘fake news’ – in my opinion if they don’t like it then they should stay in Spain,” he said.

He further added whilst contacting Global247news with his pictures of evidence, ” Hey, listen here, Spain spread this virus to the UK and look at the state of Madrid and Barcelona before pontificating about us here in London, It’s a well-known fact the Spanish spread the highest strains, scientists have proved this! – so don’t start belly aching about London, if you don’t like it, don’t bleeding well come back, bloody hypocrites that’s all they are”

” If it wasn’t for the British visiting Spain, your economy would be nothing, hey these commenting have to come here to work, I guess that says it all ” he further ranted.

Meanwhile, Dave Green from Ilford was also furious who contacted Global247news to say:

” The bleeding cheek of it, Spanish spreaders started this with Italy in Europe and now they have this to say about London?”

He went on: ” I’ve read all about the Madrid riots and demonstrations and I’ve seen the comments on Facebook too, many from Expats ashamedly, most are on the run anyway or bunked the UK for many reasons, they are having a laugh as well as the Spanish – God save the Queen” he ranted.

“It’s brave giving the large one on your way home – bet it doesn’t stop you coming back after Christmas, will it? ” he went on.

Clearly, Londoners are not happy and feel it’s a slight on the capital of the UK at a time they feel aggrieved.

Charlie Mansell from Barking, summed up his thoughts in one when he said, ” Spanish crap” and ” All you tax-dodging ex-pats can shut up too”. on his social media page.  Global247News Twitter

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