New strain of COVID already spread to other areas of the UK expert warns

A public health guru has said that the new strain of COVID causing much concern in London and the South East has already spread to others areas of the country, albeit in very small numbers.

New strain of COVID already spread to other areas of the UK expert warns: Dr Susan Hopkins, of Public Health England, said “It has been detected in many other parts of the country. Every region has cases but with very small numbers. It has also been detected in Wales, in Scotland, we have not had any detected in Northern Ireland.” She commented after the Prime Minister had made his announcement on Saturday regarding areas that will go into Tier 4.

Dr Hopkins went on to say that although the new variant had been discovered in October, from tests made in September, it wasn’t until Friday that it’s higher transmission rate was confirmed. When asked why Mr Johnson, on Wednesday ,was still insistant that it would be wrong to cancel Christmas Dr Hopkins said “We did not have the modelling evidence to show that the transmissibility was increased or that the R value was increased on Wednesday.”

She also urged the travellers that left London by train on Saturday to minimise contact with others so as to lower the risk of transmitting the virus to the rest of the country. She said “I understand people’s wish to get home to their families and loved ones that they may live with on a normal day-to-day basis and wanted to get out of London last night.

I hope that when they go to wherever they are moving to they reduce their social contacts and don’t contact anyone outside their household for the next 10 days, as that will help minimise the risk of transmission to other parts of the country. We know it’s in other parts of the country in small amounts but what we are trying to do is prevent more spread and rapid increases across the rest of the country.”  Global247News Twitter

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