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Elderly British Expats want a ban on tourists and holidaymakers flying to the Costa’s in Spain

Expats from Britain, residing on both Spain’s Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca are hoping that the Spanish government ban flights arriving at the Costa’s.

Whilst thousands of residents and holidaymakers, the little few of them, rejoiced yesterday evening that flights will continue for now back and forth to the UK from Spain, the elderly are not so please, hoping that today or in the near future the government will follow the majority of Europe and add Spain to the ‘no-fly list’.

On Spain’s Costa del Sol, Valerie Harding explained to Global247news why as she said:

” There’s a reason why all the other European countries are banning flights, safety, as simple as that, it appears that Spain though is putting wealth over health, it can be for no other reason.

” Truth be told we moved to Spain for a healthier life, I have lived here for over 34 years now and we totally understand Spain relies on tourism – but that’s not fair when it comes to our health.

” I belong to a group of 250 members of over 60’s, we travel normally together on excursions and theatre trips and city visits normally, I can speak for the majority of members that we want flights banned for now.

” Whilst we are of course British, we feel embarrassed how the British nation has conducted themselves through the whole pandemic, it may be harsh to say but they have brought it on themselves and the British government has been far too soft.

” Take London, gone from Tier 2 to Tier 4 in a matter of days, that’s because people couldn’t respect the pandemic regulations.

“So why should we be allowing them to still fly into Spain and bring the virus with them?” she questioned.

Derek Payne, a drinks distributor shared the same sentiments on Spain’s Costa Blanca as he declared: ” Ban them all, that’s what I say – unless Spain gets this under control the next holiday peak seasons will be once again ruined, we can’t afford that at any cost, we need to take short term pain over Christmas, to protect the tourism industry as a whole.

“Britain and it’s citizens simply should have had a Spanish type lockdown – 3 months total lock up, not mamby amble around as they did through the year

” We don’t want them here in Spain until they are fully clear, not running to Spain and threatening our futures here,” he said.

“Do us all a favour – stay away!” he exclaimed.

Trevor Morley in Benidorm, originally from Hull, shares the same opinion, the retired mechanic simply said: ” You’ve made your bed well bloody lie in it, you have caused us back in Blighty enough headaches by voting out at Brexit – keep your virus at home and stay in the country you are so wanted out of the EU”


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